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How to Lose Followers on Twitter

“Freedom” from the Workaholics series, Cyanotype Photogram on bamboo velvet, 2007

Post something political. Or intimate. Or threatening.

Birth control is all of these, to some people.

See that white rectangle with a bunch of dark circles inside? Yeah, the one that looks like an Alka-Seltzer tablet floating up in a glass with bubbles trailing off. Most modern women have had a stash of these in their medicine cabinets.  Once or twice.

I posted a link to this photogram on Twitter and pissed off some “followers”. They probably wouldn’t have cared for this¬†Patpong Weekend either.

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5 Responses to How to Lose Followers on Twitter

  1. It’s their loss. If one can’t be one’s self on Twitter, Flickr, or one’s own site, what’s the point?

    I’ll often say something I immediately regret, but I chalk it up to an unwillingness to completely censor myself. Those who remain are welcome to stay on the ride, I say.

    I think it’s a beautiful print, and I agree with the thoughts behind it.

  2. I don’t know that the loss of those followers is a big loss :)

    I don’t get what’s controversial about the Patpong Weekend image, though…

  3. Jerry Bono says:

    It is important to rule people out as much as rope people in. Good job, e.

  4. Edward G. Nilges says:

    I agree with Jerry on this. I don’t use birth control pills, but tend to write in a fashion some think verbose, others think literate. This tends to scroll other material off the screen.

    But…birth control pills? There must be some nutbars out there who think birth control is murdering itty bitty babies.

  5. Nabanita says:

    Screw `followers’ on Twitter. You’re real and honest and special and there’s a great lot of us who appreciate you for your amazing artistic talent and the no-nonsense person you are. Keep talking your mind and producing your amazing artwork….

    And, as I said, screw the Twitter followers

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